Revolutionize Your
Pro Shop with RacquetPass

RacquetPass is a suite of technology solutions that helps clubs, retailers, pro shops, teams, and independent stringers deepen player loyalty and generate thousands of dollars in new revenues.

Demos Without the Headache

Seamless Digital Demo System Ensures You Will Never Lose Another Racquet Sale to Online Retailers
  • Automatic payments, late fees, new racquet purchases, and text reminders.
  • Tracks utilization, sales conversions and customer feedback.
  • Advance racquet purchase so new equipment is available upon demo return.
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Stringing in the 21st Century

A QR-enabled System Digitizes Your Stringing Operation.
  • Wow your players with streamlined ordering and pickup with automatic text notifications.
  • Deepen player relationship with text-based messaging and easier upsells.
  • Tracks stringing history + enhances work order visibility.
See How It Works

“RacquetPass has completely transformed my Pro Shop. It’s streamlined our c scheduling and players love the automatic texts. Our demo program runs itself now. My favorite part: I can send texts directly to my players about the latest specials or events!”

Woody Schneider, Owner, New York City Racquet Sports

“I've seen scores of digital racquet solutions over the years and nothing compares to RacquetPass. The experience is seamless and intuitive, and, most importantly, customers are delighted to finally have a modern, digital solution. Add in the ability to promote other products in the shop and I couldn't really ask for much more..”

Sean Prokes, Racquet Bar Manager, USTA National Campus

USTA National Campus is home to more than 100 courts across tennis, padel, and pickleball, with thousands of players visiting and stringing racquets each month.

“RacquetPass really helps my shop stay organized and our customers love it. For them, it makes the stringing process super smooth and frictionless, and they love the completion notifications. It's been a game changer for our operation and business.”

Pete Oman, Owner, The Tennis Spot

“We collect racquets from 8 different sites and it was always a mess before RacquetPass. Now with the QR stickers, I know exactly which racquet goes where and to who. Best of all, our players are obsessed!”

Glennon Shafer, General Manager, FM Tennis

“It has been astonishing to see my stringing revenues double and my pro shop sales increase overall just because of RacquetPass. Stringing and demos are actually now enjoyable -- and make real money. RacquetPass is a game changer for our industry”

Kempton Smith, Head Stringer, Harvard Tennis and Lexington Tennis Club

Solutions for Pro Shops and Players


Ordering is easier than ever. Players just scan the QR code on the racquet and fill out the online form directly from their mobile device. No more spreadsheets or manual order entry.


Simplify operations with instant communication. RacquetPass allows players to pay in-store or online through the RacquetPass platform, as well as seamlessly drop-off and pickup their racquet. And the stringer has a live queue of racquets needing stringing, in-progress, and completed.


RacquetPass increases revenues by thousands of dollars thanks to add-a-grip, add-a-can-of-balls (or anything in the pro shop) functionality! 10% of orders through RacquetPass have an added item. Further, shops have the ability to send promotions through text messaging or email.